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Where you place your attention is where you place your energy. Once you fix your attention or your awareness or your mind on possibility, you place your energy there as well. As a result, you're affecting matter with your attention or observation. The placebo effect is not fantasy then, it's quantum reality. It's Energy ! 

                                                                                                                                     Dr.Joe Dispenza




-Please be considerate and schedule only one healing to allow others who also have health conditions an opportunity to schedule a healing.The number of people with a need for healing is overwhelming. 

- Take the time to visit the Ressource page in order to learn more about our work, the philosophy and what a  Coherence healing

can and cannot offer you.  Here is the link to that page RESSOURCES 

- Coherence Healing is not a substitute to medical care 

- We open up scheduling every 4 weeks, so please check back if no appointments are available. All sessions are on a volunteer base and free of charge.

Here is a link to other Coherent healing groups if you cannot book with us


  • Choose Appointment (Schedule date and time)

  • Enter Your Information (Contact information for the healee, the reason for healing, current healthy picture, etc.)

  • Select Confirmation (to ensure your healing is scheduled). If you do not receive a confirmation email within a few minutes please check your spam folder you may have put your email incorrectly and you will not receive the Zoom link. Please go back into your appointment and check your email before contacting us. 



- We  request that the Healee schedule his own appointment and  attend the session via Zoom ( unless the person is incapacitated or to young)   Experience has taught us that it makes a positive difference when a healee attends their scheduled Zoom session. You will be asked to arrive before the Healer's enter the zoom call and will have a moment with the host in order to prepare you, answer questions and help you open up to Receive.

- You will receive information on how to join the Zoom call on three confirmation emails prior to your healing. Please watch for them and read them.


- We suggest you get acquainted with Zoom before your healing and to connect to the session 15 minutes before the start.

to make sure you can connect .

- We do not allow anyone on the healing call  unless the Healee  is a minor  or in need of assistance from a caregiver.  


- We suggest earphones and using a computer or laptop for better sound quality during the session. Please do not record for copyright and privacy reasons.


- If you find the healing beneficial, you may schedule an additional healing after the first one has solidified, but at least four weeks after your initial healing, and we ask that you  limit your healings to 3 within 6 months for ongoing/chronic conditions. 

- The day prior to your scheduled healing, you will receive a reminder email with the current password. Please look for that email (check your spam/junk folder) as the password may change from the time when you schedule your appointment.

We appreciate you  following these guidelines this helps us immensely and

thank you and for allowing us to join you on your Healing Journey.

To schedule a healing session click here   SCHEDULING 


What happens during a remote Coherence Healing?

Our group uses guided mediations by Dr.Joe Dispenza  to enter into heart and brain coherence, connect to the quantum field, and tune into elevated frequencies such as love, oneness, and healing. While also focusing on you, this coherent energy causes your field of energy to become more Coherent, and coherence means order, health, healing, vitality. Research shows that it actually isn’t matter that is emitting a field of energy, but that there is an invisible field of energy that is creating matter. So, by adding more coherence to your energy field, we can change information in your field and there should be a change in you. The change can happen quickly or over time.  No one truly knows what healing will look like from one person to another.


What should I do during my Coherence Healing, and what will it feel like?

You can support your healing session by relaxing your mind and body, opening your heart, and generating feelings of love and gratitude, all which puts you and your body in the ultimate state of receivership. At the beginning of the session their will be a guided mediation to help us all fall into our hearts and open.  However, if this feels difficult or it doesn’t happen naturally, please don’t worry. You can simply relax and do nothing, which is better than trying to make anything happen. Connecting to the feeling of gratitude for this moment where strangers come to support you has been known to help some Healees open to receiving. 

You may experience a lot of energy during your session. If this happens, do your best to relax, it is just energy moving. You may also feel warm, tingly, emotional, peaceful, or maybe even nothing at all. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong experience. Know that in any case the Love will work on you in a way that is perfect for you .

How can I prepare for my session?

Having an open heart is a great way to support yourself during your Coherence Healing, but sometimes it may feel like a hard thing to do, especially when so many of us are living in stress. Below is a  practice to help. Keep in mind it may take some time to feel your heart open and that is okay.  When our heart open's we may feel sadness come up, tears . Try and just let these emotions move through you. You can start experiencing with Dr.Joe's work and his meditations if you have not already. We have left links to his website in Ressources. Here is a free link to a mediation of his : 


Heart-coherence breathing :

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